Evangelist Danish Nadeem and his wife are serving the impoverished Christian community in Pakistan since October 2015. He has faced many challenges to carry out God’s calling and mission to care for the widows and the children in their afflictions.

When he was a teenager God put a burden in his heart to serve His poor people, because they were experiencing the worst poverty in their own lives.  Later God added his wife into this mission and together they are struggling to serve the afflicted children and widows.

A major part of God’s Word says to us clearly that we are to love children and help widows in their hardships. In the Muslim led nation of Pakistan due to extreme poverty and illiteracy the widows have few if any options for assistance. Christian widows tend to suffer more, because Christians make up the smallest percentage of society in Pakistan and generally wages are very low and jobs are very scarce for religious minorities.

Often the adult children of the elderly have such a struggle to maintain themselves that they either cannot, or find it almost impossible to help their elderly parents. We read in 1 Timothy 5:3-4 about respecting widows.

To feed one widow for the entire month cost just $20.00 per month. We ask that you pray for this intensive need. During the year 2016 YokeFellow Ministries provided flour bags and basic food staples to destitute widows. Now we want to do even more. Your support can empower us to help so many in need.

There are many orphan and semi orphan children who are wandering in the streets with bare feet and empty stomachs. You can help change that for just $20.00 per month, per orphan. Prayer is needed to build an orphanage where love and care will be given to orphans.

Since 2015, we have worked to help some sponsored families from the brick kiln who are receiving monthly food — but many other downtrodden families are waiting for their blessing. Your support of $100.00 a month will help us to care for an entire family entrapped in brick kiln labors.

We believe that it’s not enough to provide only material things to live — but we must also provide spiritual food for Christians in this hard place. The Word of God should be a major part in every human being and especially it should reach the lost souls. In rural areas people are not conscious about the Word of God and the Good News concerning Jesus Christ.

There is no facilitation of the internet into rural areas and many native pastors from the city do not like to visit them — because they have nothing to give them in any offerings. That’s one of the main reasons that they are not aware from the Word of God. You can help us serve them by proving 300 bibles in the Urdu language to adults in the rural regions on monthly basis.

(1). SPONOR A CHILD: Sponsor a child to help provide a bright future to a needy child. We have collected some information of each child who need sponsorship to get food clothing and education in just $50.00 monthly for each child.

(2) HELP US PROVIDE MOBILE MEDICAL CLINICS: It’s necessary to open MOBILE MEDICAL CLINICS at the brick kilns where children and adults are working in severe heat. Danish’s wife is a staff nurse and she can help take care of sick people with her expertise and training. The cost of helping us to provide a Mobile Medical Clinic is just $100.00 a month.

(3) HELP US SECURE THE FREEDOM OF PEOPLE ENSLAVED AT BRICK KILNS: Many of the people and families of brick kilns have a burden of debts which they can’t afford to pay back. Often they are duped into taking loans, where their freedom and life become the collateral. Because they are enticed or duped their entire family is often placed into bonded servitude (Slavery) and they remain under this curse from their childhood. The cost of this is on a case by case basis due to loan amounts owed and situations. Some families have been freed for amounts of money that are insignificant in developed nations.

(4) HELP US PROVIDE SCHOOL MATERIALS: In remote villages the children generally get an education by sitting on the dirt and listening to a teacher. In this substandard learning situation they need chairs, books, copies, stationary and uniforms. The school we have identified to help first has a total of 60 children and the cost to sponsor educational materials for one child is $25.00 monthly.

(5) AUDIO BIBLES FOR ADULTS: There are many illiterate adults who never had the opportunity to attend school. They can’t read the Bible, but that’s why we love to provide them an audio Urdu Bible. We have seen that by hearing the Word of God they could be led to repent from their sins and to receive Jesus as Lord. The great thing is that the audio Bibles fit inside of their cell phones and in this way are with them, accessible and yet hidden. The cost of each Urdu language audio Bible is only $10.00

(6) HELP US PROVIDE PURE DRINKING WATER: One of the biggest problems in Pakistan is the lack of pure water, due to this reason people often get sick. This is especially the case among the poor people who cannot cure themselves from filthy water diseases. People often use hand pumps to obtain water from wells, but sadly it is common for wells to go dry in the summer season. That’s why we need to install 3 turbines in one brick kiln where 30 families are living. The wind turbines will allow water to be pumped from deeper depths through wind power. The cost of one turbine installation cost is $400.00. You can help sponsor a wind turbine to provide deep fresh waters to enslaved families at the brick kiln.

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